Mekhi Phifer is a truly gifted actor who brings passion and sincerity to each of his projects. And he's hot!

I can picture these cutesy planters all lined up in a row in the entry-way to my home.

We all love our AC, but when the temperature is not quite AC ready and you need that gentle cool air, these playful vintage fans may be the answer.

This South Carolina-born, New York City-raised actor is only 24, but has an acting resume of someone twice his age.

Ladies, we all know prepping gets us in and out of the kitchen in no time, and even prep work is now a little easier.

Perrineau's laid-back vibe and serious acting chops makes him hard not to love.

My big sister gave me a subscription to my favorite mag, Domino, for Mother’s Day (thanks, sis!). In anticipation of the magazine’s arrival, I went to Domino’s gallery and found this beautiful, serene room.

Ever since I moved into my new apartment, I’ve been on the hunt for a slipcover for my Ikea Ektorp navy blue couch. Between my cats acting as though it was their scratching post and various spills staining the fabric over the last few years, the couch has seen better days.

Who needs pictures when you can light your walls up with these?

In need of light during that nighttime summer party? These new rope lights are perfect for that cross between style and the lighting you have been looking for.

When it comes to house wares and decorating, I love anything Asian-inspired.