Lipstick Wisdom

I remember tweeting a few years back about my frustration with the lack of chivalry displayed from men in my city. I blasted taxi drivers who refused to help me with my groceries to the front of my apartment and rude pig faced men in suits who neglected to hold doors open or get up […]

Before I get into this post I have to thank those who have trusted me with the details of their love lives thus far. I’ve formed some great client-coach relationships with folks by simply answering a letter and in the process I  also learn more about myself. I receive a lot of letters, and I […]

Kids can be so cruel. I was extremely naïve when I was moved from my foster home in Scarborough (East end of Toronto) to live with my mother in the government subsidized Parma Court neighborhood in North York (central Toronto). Up till those pre-teen years I hadn’t cursed, or had I known anyone who was […]

I recently returned from doing my first Battle of The Sexes show in Oakland, California. For those who are unfamiliar with the event, Battle of The Sexes is a unique social event that where guests can network and participate in a very lovely and interactive discussion on relationships. We don’t censor a thing honey- Each […]

Dating is such a rarity these days, that instead of going into it with an open mind and good intentions, we have set our expectations so high that we are rarely satisfied. Let’s be honest, most of our expectations are unrealistic and shallow. We naturally want the best of everything: the looks, the charm, and […]

It feels like ages since my last post- a cracked laptop screen and5-city tour will make you think that time is pulling a Usain Bolt, sans the finish line and gold medal. We are a week out from celebrating Mothers Day, and  you’re either on the gift-buying end trying to please mama or you’re on the […]

My name is Telisha and I have an obsession with clicking the LIKE button on Facebook. For me the LIKE button is a sign that I have read, acknowledged and approve of your post. It may also means that I agree with what is being said, it’s a sign of electronic affection, similar to saying […]

Last November I hosted, produced and nearly lost my mind over my signature event Battle of The Sexes Show. For those who are just getting hip to the event, Battle of The Sexes Show is a distinctive yet interactive social event for patrons to network and participate in lively discussions surrounding the topics of love, […]

On April 2nd I had the amazing opportunity to check-in at Hotel Durex where I learned first hand what the liberating side of being together was all about. That evening I was introduced to Durex’s Liberating Side of Being Together movement during an intimate star-studded soiree at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City. […]

You know what the most tired and insecure line in this new era of hip-hop is? “B*tch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” spit by Drizzy “cinnamon hearts” Drake on “Stay Schemin’.” When that came out I was like Ooooo dayyummmmmm. Then I was like,  “really? No really?” Could the streets really have […]

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life it’s that a man or woman with severe trust issues becomes a magnet for malice and disrespect wherever they go. They can acquire large amounts of money, crowd approval and plaques with certifications and accolades but it’s those silent moments alone that really make or break […]

If you’ve been keeping up with your daily HelloBeautiful dish then you know that Gabrielle Union recently made headlines for her response to an open letter written by an alleged jumpoff. It was cold, I had to layer up after reading the tweets I really did. I can’t lie I was secretly having a “yes […]