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If you’ve been keeping up with your daily HelloBeautiful dish then you know that Gabrielle Union recently made headlines for her response to an open letter written by an alleged jumpoff. It was cold, I had to layer up after reading the tweets I really did. I can’t lie I was secretly having a “yes girl tell em” moment in my head but then I snapped back to reality. If the open letter was from a “crazy batsh*t loon” who tried this stunt a year before, then why not let crazy be crazy and continue living good?

Whether you are Chocolate Hollywood fabulous like Gabrielle Union or the best braider on your block, the moment you announce that you’re in a relationship there will be folks who will try your patience and put your love to the test.  Unfortunately it’s what you sign up for. Jealously and folks who live in the past are like cancers and they thrive in all neighborhoods across the world. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you walk or dress. There will be someone who has a problem with the type of man you choose to be with or the career path you take. I don’t want to use the word hater because in my universe those who work against me are invisible.

Whether or not the open letter is legit I feel that Gabby (in my mind we are friends) should’ve used the best weapon possible…silence. The rumor mill simply cannot operate unless there is a reaction of some sort. She didn’t have to bless the alleged jumpoff with a tweet reference, she really didn’t.

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I’m a little old fashioned, if I were put in a position like Gabby’s I would expect my man to handle any threats to our relationship. I shouldn’t have to break a sweat, get my blood pressure up or pollute my twitter timeline with reference to a woman who is obviously fame hungry. When you’re busy being happy and loved there is simply no time to deal with this sort of drama, baby please handle that!

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If the situation is slightly different and clear cut evidence of infidelity within the relationship was revealed, I still do not feel that the other woman needs to be confronted or even acknowledged. What’s the point? What benefits come from learning about this other woman? Confronting the other woman automatically means that you love drama; you soak your drawers in it and everything. At that point your main focus should be dealing with internal affairs. My #1 relationship rule:  Never let an outsider come between your relationships. You should never bring anyone into the conflicts between you and your boo, that’s child’s play and it’s grown woman country over here.

HB fam I want to hear from you- Is it a good idea to confront the other woman?

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