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My name is Telisha and I have an obsession with clicking the LIKE button on Facebook. For me the LIKE button is a sign that I have read, acknowledged and approve of your post. It may also means that I agree with what is being said, it’s a sign of electronic affection, similar to saying “I see you.”

I know I’m not alone when I say that Facebook has turned its users into nosy, neurotic technology freaks. One does not need to pick up the phone to connect with people anymore if they really don’t want to. We can simply check out our newsfeed, send a quick message or scroll through profile pictures to get a first impression of anyone.

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I often check my Facebook news feed when I get up in the middle of the night for no reason as if leaving the app unattended would cause an eruption of some sort. My excuse is that my life pretty much revolves around social media these days.

I’ve covered social media stalking and monitoring of your partner’s page in this post, however, today I thought I’d address another issue that seems to cause chaos and confusions in new millennium relationships worldwide- The gotdamn LIKE button!  I’ve witnessed girlfriends and wives go into social media war if they find out their partners have liked another woman’s picture or even worse if they catch them inbox hoeing.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg set up his social media baby to be a snitch, we can sometimes see what posts or photos others LIKE. I for one do not feel as though a man liking another woman’s picture is cause to start a scene. Let’s be real, men and our society for the most part are visual creatures, we would much rather digest a visual message than a written one.

To me hitting the LIKE button on a chick’s attractive or skin-baring picture does not mean your man is about to get with her. With most men the LIKE button is equivalent to sneaking a peak at an attractive woman or looking at King or Smooth mag. It’s eye candy with easier accessibility from the convenience of your phone, ipad or laptop.

My advice to those who are wondering if they need to call the relationship off over a LIKE on another woman’s bathroom photo- You are in a relationship, you’re not blind.

Before you start shaking your head- I do believe some behaviors are sketchy, for example constant communication with the same chick repeatedly or reluctance to let you see his activity on social media. That’s pretty much an open and shut case however,  unless you have searched through the entire contents of his phone or laptop, (Chile that’s too much work!) you have to really trust your partner to be….your partner.

I believe in giving a man freedom in terms of being able to playfully flirt and look at other women without feeling as though he is committing a crime. I feel like the more reins you put on anyone the more they are bound to sneak around behind your back.

Yes what I’m writing may sound a little crazy, but it’s not coming from a naive perspective. The ogling of other women has been going on from the beginning of time and it is not your role to be a private investigator.

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