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Last November I hosted, produced and nearly lost my mind over my signature event Battle of The Sexes Show. For those who are just getting hip to the event, Battle of The Sexes Show is a distinctive yet interactive social event for patrons to network and participate in lively discussions surrounding the topics of love, marriage, sexuality, dating, and relationships. I prefer to keep the inside workings of the event very exclusive which means if you don’t have a ticket you simply miss out on all the fun. Well up until this moment many folks had no idea what “fun” they were actually missing.

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In this clip our panelist @beesince83 & @lincolnablades go head to head with an audience member who is convinced the reason men and women cheat is because of a lack of passion. Our panelist disagreed and served up two interesting theories of their own, check it out:

I really believe we as individuals cheat for a variety of reasons. I’ve seen folks who are emotionally engaged and connected to their partner stray, I’ve talked to men and women who are convinced that having more than one partner is what they were taught and the way to live life. Bottom line cheating is cheating- if you go behind your partner’s back and betray their trust- regardless of whether you end up having intercourse or just a lot of touchy feely action- it’s cheating.

I’ve never really understood why we are so obsessed with a generalized opinion of why men and women as a whole cheat. If you’ve been cheated on you already know it hurts like hell, the last thing you should be concerned with is trying to find out what others think…hit up internal affairs (you and your boo)! If you still have it in you, ask the partner who strayed what led them to make the decision they made. If you are able to keep your cool and really get into the depths of it you may find the answer you were looking for. To me there is life after cheating, it all depends on whether or not both parties in the relationship are ready to work together and repair what was broken.

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If you are considering cheating and feel that it is the only way to cope with a challenge or some void your partner may not be able to fill in your relationship- reconsider. You cannot fix a problem in your relationship or life for that matter, by running away from it.

On Friday May 17th I bring my brand of heated, sexy intellectual talk to the beautiful Bay area!

We will be discussing how money effects the decisions we make as far as love and sex are concerned. For Love or Money? Battle of the Sexes Oakland happens on May.17th inside the BRAND NEW Imagine Affairs Art Lounge 408 fourteenth Street. Early bird tickets are $25 until May.1st. For more info and to purchase tickets visit:

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