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On April 2nd I had the amazing opportunity to check-in at Hotel Durex where I learned first hand what the liberating side of being together was all about.

That evening I was introduced to Durex’s Liberating Side of Being Together movement during an intimate star-studded soiree at the Dream Downtown hotel in New York City. Guests were encouraged to unleash their playful sides through a variety of sensual activities and sampling of aphrodisiac cocktails, foods as well as brand new Durex products. The event was hosted by the stunning Jenny McCarthy and all proceeds of the event went to benefit Dance 4 Life.

Durex believes that committed relationships with partners we trust not only boost our confidence tenfold but make us more uninhibited and open to indulge in sexploration (my new favorite word). Don’t just take my word for it, according to a recent crowd tap survey conducted by Durex with 2000 men and women over age 25,  95% of women agree that getting closer means they will go further, while 91% of men agree that sex is better with someone who only wants you.

Through four essential “spark” areas couples are encouraged to get closer and go further:  Flirting, Foreplay, Date night and the cherry on top- Sexploration.

During my stay at Hotel Durex, I enjoyed a sensual hand massage with Durex’s soothing Massage & Play 2 in 1 Massage Gel and Intimate Lubricant (I love the soothing feeling of the aloe vera gel), sampled aphrodisiac cocktails (they were equally amazing I don’t have a favorite) and tickled my curiosity experimenting with Durex’s latest products and toys (my personal favorite: The Ring of Bliss)

Prior to my adventures at Hotel Durex I had limited knowledge of how vast and specialized Durex’s product line was let alone the motivation to put that special touch into my sexploration.  It’s so easy to become stagnant and predictable in our relationships, but it’s when you put the added effort into keeping things fresh is when you really begin to connect with your partner on a deeper level. From the awesome Performa Intense condoms which speed her up and slow him down, to the waterproof Delight Vibrating Bullet. There is hours of endless fun to be had. True story.

The Hotel Durex experience was out of this world however the real test came when I got home. How would I put my new found knowledge to use? What exactly would help us get closer and go further, weren’t we far enough? Was a less kitschy way of flirting and engaging in foreplay too much for the average man?

I’m sure everyone has figured out by now that the sexploration aspect was a give in. He is fully aware of my affection for toys and play in the bedroom so besides that we decided to focus more on becoming more intimate in other ways, to magnify the passion if you will.

We decided to try our hand at Date Night Sparks #7, 8, 11 & 12 to create magic out of exploring our surroundings and using our resourcefulness.

Spark #7

Mix things up with aphrodisiac cocktails- You could mix a few vodka sodas or pop open a couple bottles of beer… like you always do. Or you could really mix it up and plan a date night that involves mixing one or multiple aphrodisiac cocktails and see where the night takes you.

Spark #8

Turn up the romance before the sun goes down- A lot can happen before the sun goes down, there’s no need to limit yourself to date nights. Day dates are just as romantic and contain even more potential for fun, bond-enhancing activities that can lead to more exciting nights.

 Spark #11

Turn your home into the hottest new place in town- Instead of trying to jump through hoops to get reservations at the swankiest new restaurant and then spend the evening surrounded by strangers, create a new and exciting atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home.

Spark #12

Recreate your first… date- Nothing fuels romance like a little nostalgia. In fact, romance itself is less of the point – it’s more about creating joy, feeling playful, feeling energized – it’s these feelings that translate into sexual energy. Recreate your first date to relive the honeymoon phase over and over.

With the aid of a cocktail shaker, recipe book of aphrodisiac foods, a steamy shower, and a huge helping of curiosity we set to create the ultimate date night bringing us closer in more ways than I had imagined.

Stay tuned next week where I reveal how our spark filled date night played out. In the meanwhile check out how you can begin to get closer and go further with your partner using Durex’s sexploration sparks. Timing is everything- New sparks are revealed daily!  Get connected: Twitter @durex_usa

Let me know how your sexploration went @goddess_I

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