Singer, songwriter, actress Mya stopped by and let us take a look inside her bag. What’s in Mya’s bag you might be wondering? To start she never leaves home without her iPhone as well as a charger of course. Mya is a real fan pleaser, making sure she always carries around something to hand out […]


Sometimes the only response to certain news stories is “how?” That is exactly what many were thinking when they read the news about a woman who made off with a whopping $40,000 worth of iPhones from her local Target store in Virginia. According the New York Daily News, an unidentified woman reportedly dressed as a […]

Barbara Mills and the East Baton Rouge DA believe the key to finding Brittney Mills' killer lies in her text messages.

If you want to get photographed by a streetstyle photographer, you should read this!

Baby, it’s cold outside! In case you’re living under a rock, you’ve missed the big snowstorm named Juno that’s currently wreaking havoc in the northeast. We’re not the type to let a snowstorm get us down, even if we’re snowed in. We don’t have to be stressed out! There’s a million and one different apps […]

Here at #TeamBeautiful, we’re obsessed with giving you the latest fashion and style trends from our favorite celebs. Beyonce may slay in a Michael Castello original on the red carpet one day and Rihanna could mess it up for all of us with a red carpet doobie the next. No matter, what we’ve always got […]

A new iPhone app has been designed to make getting tested for STDs easier. Hula, the free app directs users to the nearest STD testing center, allows users to receive their test results on their phone and even share their results with partners, which takes the awkwardness out of having the “Have you been tested?” […]

Celebs such as Hillary Duff have been spotted sporting the Power Support Designer Collection iPhone air jacket! The fun collection brings bold designs to the back of your iPhone! The jackets are available in many varieties which stem from three styles: Tibi, Rachel Pally and Rory Beca! The jackets retail for $54.95 but that’s no […]

Your boy Antoine Dodson is back yet again. This time with his new sex offender app. The purpose of this app is to alert you whenever you are in an area where a registered sex offender is said to live. Dodson has received media fame after his sister was almost attacked and raped in her […]

As if the iPhone hasn’t saved your butt enough times, the new WorldLive Shopper App helps you save money while shopping.  Didn’t think it was possible? Hear me out.