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Now that everybody and their mommas have smartphones, we’re all connected, all the time. However, let’s not ignore that many of the smartest phones have the worst batter life of all time.

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Because we’re not willing to sacrifice Snapchat, Instagram or the latest in battery-sucking apps, we’ve got to be smart about how we keep our phones charged. And honestly, there’s not always an open outlet to plug into, so external chargers have become all the rage. But with so many out there, it can be confusing to pick the right one. So we’ve got you covered.

Check out these external chargers and keep your phone charged up!

Apelpi Stem Gold 2200

This sleek gold charger adds six hours of talk time, 11 hours of video time and 44 hours of music-listening to your phone life. Not to mention, the polished aluminum surfaces gives it a luxurious look and feel. It’s small enough

The polished aluminum surface gives this power bank a luxurious look and feel. Small enough to fit into a clutch, the palm of your hand or even the tiniest pocket in the skinniest of jeans.

 Peri GoCharge With Lightning Cable

Who doesn’t love a little gold in their lives? Gold however isn’t just for what’s in your closet, it can also color your accessories!

PERI recently introduced its Gold GoCharge ($49.99), a 3200mAh power bank with an integrated Lightning cable for easy, on-the-go charging of the iPhone. The power bank can fully charge the iPhone on average 1.5 times and the integrated lightning cable eliminates the need to carry additional cables making it perfect to throw in a clutch or back pocket.

The sleek charger charges your phone just as fast as plugging it into the all directly. It’s impressive how quickly you’re able to get your battery from red to green.

Neptor 2800mAh Portable Battery Charger

At $29.99, this charger is a must-have! It clips on to your keychain, so forgetting it isn’t a thing. You can also clip it on your handbag, jeans or whatever you’d like.

There’s a genuine NEC chip in it that intelligently detects most device type for up to 50 percent faster charges: a 10 minute fast charge gives you up to 40 minutes of talk time on compatible smartphones. Sadly, it doesn’t work on iPhone 6, but other phones need love too!

Neptor works on Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, HTC One, Droid, Google Nexus, iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPod.

And in case you’re still not sold, it has an LED flashlight on it for those late night walks home.

So there you have it–three good chargers that will keep you alive.


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