Here at #TeamBeautiful, we’re obsessed with giving you the latest fashion and style trends from our favorite celebs. Beyonce may slay in a Michael Castello original on the red carpet one day and Rihanna could mess it up for all of us with a red carpet doobie the next. No matter, what we’ve always got an opinion and so do you! You’ve been voting on celeb looks in our weekly “Fab or Fug” Posts for years so we’re happy to announce our new mobile app, “Fab Or Fug”! Now you can see what the hottest stars are wearing in real time and use the #faborfug to submit your own street style, personal looks and coveted items in to the app.

STEP 1: Discover & Vote!

When you download this app exclusively on your iPhone, the main page will show up with celebs in various outfits. On each photo, you can tap either “Fab” on the right or “Fug” on the left.


STEP 2: Filter 

Once you’ve voted, your “Fab” votes are stored in the “Fab” section and your “Fug” votes will be in the “Fug” section that you tap on the bottom right of the app.



But, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun, beauties! If you have any #ootd photos that you’d like to share, just use the hashtag #FabOrFug and you might see your photo in the feed next! Download “Fab Or Fug!” here!

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