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'Tis the season to spoil your sweetie with gifts from Black-owned businesses.

#TeamBeautiful remembers the the phenomenal women who paved the way for us to enjoy the lives we have today.

February is without question the blackest month on the calendar and we are here for every magical black moment. In addition to Black History Month, February also means NYFW is upon us. While the NYFW schedule lacks diversity, there is no denying the fact that there is an abundance of dope black designers that could […]

Mom/daughter duo Keyaira & Tarawoner Kelly launched the "Talk To Your Mom" podcast, a safe space where candid conversations between moms and their adult children can flourish.

What was previously a very private, and in some cases unspoken, way to conceive has become one of the most talked about ways to become a mother. Surrogacy has been life-changing for many women whose path to become a mother was not as simple as getting pregnant on their own. This includes several high-profile celebrities […]

Black men are not only the leading ethnic group of men who are diagnosed with colon cancer, they also lead the death toll from the disease.

Black women are now the most educated group in the country, which means it’s natural we have more money at our fingertips. However, as anyone who has ever dealt significantly in the financial arena knows, just because you make money that doesn’t automatically mean you know what to do with it. It’s easy to neglect […]

The beauty and fashion industry was built on the backs of Black women. The hugely popular body positivity movement, which has always been apart of black culture (because we have celebrated our natural curves for centuries), is now dominated by white women and when you do see WOC they are racially ambiguous. When was the […]

Peek inside the "Love and Hip Hop" star's purse.

Last year, you may recall the stunning photo series celebrating the various hues of beautiful black women that made waves online and garnered major media coverage. That photo series was called The Colored Girl Project and it beautifully and unapologetically showcased black beauty in all its form. Now, the founders of The Colored Girl are […]