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As if the iPhone hasn’t saved your butt enough times, the new WorldLive Shopper App helps you save money while shopping.  Didn’t think it was possible? Hear me out.

The WorldLive Shopper app is simple to use: All you do is program a list of your favorite stores into the app.  Rather than having to look up the stores and keep track of the latest deals, the app tweets the latest deals right to your phone, even if you aren’t an active Twitter user.  You can even share your favorite deals with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, or email.  It’s the perfect way to stay on top of your shopping without having to keep track of a million coupons in your wallet.

The WorldLive Shopper app is for us ladies who love to shop but have a hard time organizing everything that our favorite stores have to offer. We are just as technologically capable as our male counterparts, so let’s use this awesome app that’s specifically designed for us.  You will be updated on deals without having to search for them yourself.  We are huge fans of this convenient app at HelloBeautiful, and it has definitely helped us when we needed a good deal fast!


SUMMER GUIDE: Pack A Picnic With A Punch

For 2024’s iteration of MadameNoire and HelloBeautiful’s annual series Women to Know, we knew we wanted to celebrate the people who help make the joys of film and television possible. To create art is to create magic. This year, we spotlight Hollywood Executive’s changing the face of cinema.