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Your boy Antoine Dodson is back yet again. This time with his new sex offender app. The purpose of this app is to alert you whenever you are in an area where a registered sex offender is said to live. Dodson has received media fame after his sister was almost attacked and raped in her home by a man. Since, Dodson’s famous “hide your kids, hide your wife” line, his career has been moving full speed.

He has released a single on iTunes aptly titled “Bed Intruder”. He has performed his single on the BET awards.  Now he has his own signature app. Although I am happy for Dodson’s ability to take a situation that crushes others and make it into a career move, I am also concerned for him. At what point do the people around you stop laughing with you and start laughing at you?

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Antoine and his antics represent some of the same shucking and jiving that we would see in an old slave narrative. Doing whatever it takes to keep master happy and pleased with me. For Antoine, he knows that the moment he stops shucking the money will end.

When I see him going into his antics where he mispronounces words while dragging out the syllables in other for emphasis, and pops his lips and walks around with a scarf on his head; I have to wonder, at what point will he realize that he is perpetuating a stereotype? Or does he care as long as the money is rolling in?

I guess it irks me to think that somewhere there are big time execs in their sky scrapper offices in Manhattan laughing it up at the video of Antoine Dodson doing his jig. Sure he got a nice check from them but you better believe that their share was better.

Should we all just be happy for Antoine?

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