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Activist Precious Davis went on the TLC show to find the perfect gown and to raise visibility around trans women of color.

While we may have made strides in treating the virus, we still have a long way to go in how we treat the person infected.

This is not about stereotypes. And it is deeper than “how we are depicted on TV.” It goes further than neck rolling and finger poppin’, and Andy Cohen’s cluelessness. This is about the mental health of a community, and specifically black women. This is about how reality TV has created a space where sisterhood has been savaged, […]

Nubian Skin, a line of lingerie specifically for Black women, is revolutionizing the 'nude' panty game. A girl could get used to this.

Why do people who appear on reality TV shows (or talk shows, or court shows) often suffer severe and often long-lasting psychological trauma as a result?

Curry says her spirituality brought her and her husband together and it's now the 'foundation' of their lives.

“While we've witnessed entire cities rise up to resist the murders of Black men, the murders of Black women continue to go largely ignored. It's time to remember and lift up the most marginalized victims of state brutality.”

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If you watched the season premiere of Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” you caught Chloe Arnold’s “Syncopated Ladies,” the fierce all-women tap dance group from Washington, DC that’s competing in the show’s first-ever crew battle for a chance to be featured in the finale.  But even if you don’t tune into the show you’ll want to get familiar […]