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Whether a disgruntled ex-wife, spiteful baby momma or an all-for-self girlfriend, I can’t stand any woman who comes in the way of a father trying to establish a solid and much-needed relationship with his children. My disdain is so intense, that you’d think I was the victim of a fatherless childhood due to some maniac […]

I decided to give Flat Tummy Tea a try, and it definitely wasn't what I expected.

Don’t let Diane Nash’s small role in the film "Selma" fool you. She was a crucial figure in the Freedom Rides, the lunch counter sit-ins, protests for Blacks’ voting rights and the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1965.

Here is what you need to know about the case and what it means for students nationwide.

For all the wonderful dads out there, this one’s for you!

So many unhealthy habits creep into our lives and stay there far longer than they should! From not always eating right to having bad sleeping cycles, there are little things we do each day that are preventing us from living a truly healthy life. We all know the devil is in the details so take […]

For some people, running late on a consistent basis is just embedded into their DNA. I know several people who, if given the chance, would be 10 to 15 minutes late for their own funeral services. Despite their best efforts, they just cannot, or blatantly refuse to show up to scheduled appointments, social events, and […]

We only spent a day at Tracey Edmonds‘ home and we’re already feeling like the best of friends. We’ve learned so many valuable life lessons from this entertainment trailblazer. She’s a master of multi-tasking and subscribes to the belief that family should be at the center of our goals. We wrapped up our conversation with Tracey recalling her family dynamic. […]

There’s always been a huge debate on whether are not women can have it all. You know, the American dream that comes with a gorgeous husband, 2.5 children, a house on the hills with the white picketed fence and a thriving career that eventually leads to a corner office on the 27th floor. Tracey Edmonds is […]

Everyone knows that being a working mom is one of the hardest jobs there is. Try mastering a work-life balance along with living a fabulous Hollywood lifestyle—this is a scenario Tracey Edmonds knows all too well. She’s embraced this busy life, all while making herself known in the film and entertainment industry. The 48-year-old award-winning producer set […]

Now that the Brian Williams saga has died down a little bit, it’s a great time to reflect on what we can learn from his embellished mistakes lies. It would be very easy to look at it from a distance, participate in the public shaming, share memes and think that it has nothing to do […]