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In the ethereal realm of music, where notes paint emotions like brushstrokes on a canvas, Victoria Monét weaves a symphony that captures life’s intricate rhythms. In an exclusive interview, the artist reveals inspiring insights into the upcoming peaks and valleys of her creative journey.

Victoria Monét is creating her legacy

“I’m excited to get back in the studio with D’Mile and our friends again and to see what comes next creatively! Life has been moving incredibly quickly, and I’m doing my best to stay present. I’m looking forward to seeing how these current experiences manifest in the music soon. I’m feeling very inspired!”

As the Grammy-winning artist gears up for her debut performance at Coachella next month, the anticipation is palpable. The stage is set for a sonic spectacle, where the echoes of her life’s narrative will reverberate through the desert air.

“Legacy is extremely important to me,” Monét reflects when questioned about aspirations. “I want to make music that people can listen back to for years to come, like those who came before me that inspire me. I want to keep making music I truly love and hope the fans continue to support it!”

66th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

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Beyond the harmonious melodies, the mom of rising star Hazel Monét envisions a legacy that extends beyond the realms of music. A foray into the world of cinema beckons, from scoring films to acting and voiceovers. The artist’s dreams stretch as far as the horizon, a testament to her boundless creativity.

The recent collaboration with CÎROC to launch the Limonata variant adds a refreshing note to Monét’s journey. Reflecting on this unique partnership and the celebration of seven Grammy nominations during music’s grandest week, the artist shares, “Being recognized by my peers and the Recording Academy after such a long journey is just the start for me.”

The synergy between Monét and CÎROC is not just a collaboration; it’s a fusion of celebration, quality, and style. “CÎROC’s dedication to celebration mirrors the qualities I strive to infuse into my music, art, and performances,”Victoria Monét affirms.

As the songbird continues to compose the soundtrack of their life, the world eagerly awaits the next movement, ready to be swept away in the harmonious currents of their artistic voyage.


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