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Though the couple hasn't publicly commented on the reported settlement, Teyana and Iman appear ready to move forward. Teyana, in particular, has been vocal about the emotional toll of the divorce but has also expressed her focus on her emerging career, businesses, and her daughters.

The newest list includes culture icons of the past and present. Rooting for everybody Black, we are here for each honoree.

These celebs were on point with their fashionable style!

Dove's Bond Strength Repair is coming in hot to help hair mavens with various hair types reverse up to three years of accumulated damage, from heat damage to chemical treatments.

This time around, Nene Leakes won't be in the spotlight herself (at least not entirely). Instead, she stars as a sassy love guru, dissecting the most outrageous love stories caught on camera.

Sha'Carri Richardson is heading to the 2024 Paris Olympics after clinching her spot with a record-breaking 100m win.

In a recent social media post, Sherri Shepherd shared her story navigating the current shortage while working with her doctor to manage her Type 2 Diabetes.

So, did Kelly conquer the cold plunge? Debatable. Did she crack us up with her hilarious struggle? Absolutely! And, more importantly, did she inspire us to go to the gym and rewatch her reel? Yes, Ma'am!

Sexyy Red is known for many things—bold lyrics, an unapologetic attitude, and a signature style. And now we must add another accolade to her list: long, beautiful natural hair.

Chlöe 's confidence is not tied to her physical appearance, as she shares, "Even though my butt is smaller, it's not about the a$$. It's about your inner confidence. When you have that fearlessness, anything will be sexy."