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D' Shonda Brown

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Not-so-funny story, but I am petrified of lace frontals. Okay, maybe not petrified, but I’ve been doing a stellar job at avoiding them for the past two years.

About two summers ago, my boyfriend and I went to Six Flags: Great Adventure and I had on this gorgeous 18, 20, and 22” inch Indian Deep Wave sew-in with a lace frontal. I looked incredible, but my lace front wasn’t looking so good after standing in the sun for an entire workday. As Gary and I were standing in line for the Medusa roller coaster, I felt the Got 2 Be glue running down my temples and leaving a sticky texture on the side of my face. I knew this was not about to be good. Long story short, we got on the roller coaster and when it was time for the cameras to flash, my frontal was as far back as Shaquille O’Neal’s hairline and all you could see were my cornrows. Needless to say, I was mortified.

D' Shonda Brown

Source: D’ Shonda Brown / D’ Shonda Brown

From that day forward, I promised that I would never touch another lace front anything ever again. That is until Mayvenn Hair came along with their Ready-To-Wear wig collection.

As I’ve been learning about my natural hair throughout the past few months, I’ve noticed that my hair doesn’t do well with loads of tension and my edges were beginning to leave the crown of my head. Instead of rushing to braid my hair again, I copped a couple of cute wigs from the local Beauty World down in North Carolina to hold me over until I got back to New York and finally tried out my new Deep Wave Center Part Lace Wig.

D' Shonda Brown

Source: D’ Shonda Brown / D’ Shonda Brown

I uncovered the perfectly packaged Mayvenn Hair box to reveal green satin lining and a wet-and-wavy wig protected by a hair net. The wig was resting on a styrofoam arch where my worst enemy, the lace, was sitting pretty. I’m grateful that the lace of the wig was perched on top of the styrofoam so I could know where exactly to cut it. Once I found the hair scissors tucked away in my bag, I started clipping away at the lace until it was completely gone. 

I ran upstairs to get my cheap stockings-turned-wig cap before sealing the deal on my head. Unfortunately, even when looking around my cousin’s house, Got 2 Be glue and holding spray was nowhere to be found. Little did I know, I didn’t need it for this go ‘round. I slid the wig onto my head and adjusted the part from center stage to stage left (meaning center part to a side part). 

Once I clasped the clips onto the back of my cornrows, voila! My hair was done, the wig was secure and I even did a few dramatic hair flips to make sure that the hair wouldn’t fly off of my head – and it didn’t. I honestly would have laid my edges and applied something to give this look a bit of a wow factor, but (a) my edges need not to be toyed with anymore than they already have, and (b) I wanted to have a natural look with wild, wavy curls to make it actually look like this can be my hair.

If you’re looking to get your do did or your flip whipped without the extra maintenance of plucking, bleaching, and all that extraness, this wig line is for you. It’s especially perfect for beginners like me. Mayvenn Hair, I’m pleasantly surprised and I look forward to having you take the rest of my coins this summer. No more $34.99 wigs for me!


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