I tried Mayvenn's HD lace wig and came out with a melted install that looked so natural like it was streaming from my scalp.

Wigs are the perfect protective style for switching it up with the change of the season. And with the fall here, these are the trendiest hair colors.


We all have the woman in her life who loves her weave. She's always experimenting with the latest techniques and who knows what look you'll get on any given day. Here's a few gift ideas she'll love!

Mayvenn Hair helped me overcome my fear of repeating another lace front faux pa.

There’s only a few women who can make us go up in a frenzy over the changing of their wig and Cardi B is one of them. Cardi showed off her long textured hair last week and showed us how she could switch it up with her colorful cut this week. Striking a squat in […]

Mayvenn is continuing to do their part to support Black women entrepreneurs.

KeKe Palmer switched it up on us and broke out this blonde ombré wig during isolation.

Mayvenn's ready-to-wear wig line is the perfect wig to wear while beauty salons are closed.


Who would have thought these cleansing sprays can save your wigs?

I long contemplated some profound way to explain how I feel. Some creative way to word how being a Black woman, who doesn’t look Kardashian-adjacent, never seems like enough. To catch myself from jumping off the ledge just because Meek Mill, a rapper who isn’t the finest specimen himself, decided he was going to “protest” […]

For most breast cancer patients, chemotherapy is an option to help fight the terrible disease and unfortunately one of the biggest and most devastating side effects is hair loss. Chemo does its work against cancer cells but it also destroys hair cells. Within a few weeks of starting chemo, you may lose some or all […]

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Weave and wig making is probably one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. And with businesses that rake millions of dollars hand over…