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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is back in action. Spice and Tokyo Vanity are friends now. See, people do manage to put beef aside in this universe. Speaking of Spice, though, she has been going through it. Basically, she’s tired of people, particularly the artist development person she just met on camera, telling her to “change her look” as them being too shy to say that she’s too dark.

So, she goes to a doctor to see what the risks would be for skin bleaching. The doctor tells her that there are severe risks to lightening her skin and that she’d have to get a psychological evaluation as part of treatment. Any patient who wants to make a dramatic change like this must have an evaluation. Spice gets offended and storms out of the doctor’s office.

Ok so, y’all remember a couple of months ago when Spice deleted every photo on her IG page and posted one where she was super pale? Everyone freaked out and thought she bleached her skin but then it turned out was a “social experiment” leading up to her song, “Black Hypocrisy.” Basically, her point was that people were mad at her for lightening her skin when they thought she had bleached it, but at the same time, she gets criticized for being too dark. So yeah, this is part of that, but it’s interesting to see that she actually got a consultation with a dermatologist, which was probably part of the whole schtick too.

Spice has a point though, colorism is a beast and despite being an international star already, she seems to be experiencing a lot of it in the United States, the one place she hasn’t seemed to blow up the way she wants to. Anyway, next we find her at her photoshoot with her lightened skin. Karlie Redd, Mimi, and Rasheeda walk in and look at Light Spice like wtf. They think Spice being lighter is for real and Mimi asks if Spice is really intending to do this. Rasheeda tells Spice that she doesn’t need to bleach her skin. Spice then starts talking about how she’s tired of black people bashing other black people for the color of their skin so she’s doing it to make a point. Obvi. Mimi says she’s being and looks ridiculous. She does though. Looking like:


This turns into an argument where Spice is super defensive and says it’s the same as when Mimi got her breasts done. It’s not the same thing, though. Then Spice basically tells them they don’t know what it’s like to be treated the way she gets treated because they’re light skinned, also true. Mimi gets so flustered that she walks away and Rasheeda follows. This is all some Twilight Zone ish, for real, for real. Anyway, this bleaching stuff is mostly what’s going to drive Spice’s storyline for a minute.

Next, Mimi wants us to believe that she went to take her trash out and she saw a man sitting inside her car in her garage and the man shot at her (but missed) and the incident traumatized her daughter. Well, she wants us to believe that she wouldn’t orchestrate something like this on her own for attention.

Speaking of Mimi, she’s also pissed that Stevie J married Faith Evans and up and moved to LA for a few months without telling her. He also came to Atlanta and took Eva to dinner where she met Faith. That also doesn’t sit well with Eva so she confronts Stevie about this and rages on about how messed up he is. Stevie is as cool as a cucumber the entire time Mimi goes off on him because his theory is that Mimi is just mad that he didn’t put a ring on her finger.

Anyway, Stevie sets their meeting up later on and all goes well. Mimi and Faith seem to be on the same page.

Scrapp Deleon is fresh out of jail. Things are going well for him for the most part. He has a job but he recently found out that he had a half-sister that’s his same age (his dad cheated on his mom). He found out in a messed up way. Basically, the half-sister was the only one who could come get her out of the halfway house because it had to be a relative that had a clean record. His mom had known about this sister for years but only recently mentioned her. Obviously, this brings up some unresolved issues he had about his father not being around too so he confronts his pops to see why he wasn’t there (part of that is because his mom told him that his father was dead because she claims she genuinely thought he was). His dad seems contrite and they decide to move forward and let bygones be bygones.

Karlie Redd is back…with yet another fiance. He even has her initials tatted on his body.

Anyway, she’s going to have an engagement party soon (if she can make it given her track record with men). There’s going to be drama there though. That is established in the scene where we meet Pooh Hicks (Hiriam Hicks’ wife), who tells Tiarra and Mimi that she didn’t get an invite to Karlie’s party despite the fact that they go way back. There’s some weirdness there. Pooh is in an open relationship with her hubby and claims that Karlie was apart of that openness once upon a time ago. However, Karlie claims that they were never involved in that way and that Pooh leaked a rumor to #TheBlogs that they a threesome with her husband.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Pooh shows up at Karlie’s store and asks why she wasn’t invited to her engagement party. Karlie said she stopped being Pooh’s friend because Pooh was a clout chaser and she has moved on from the types of things they used to do for fun.

This turns into the usual back and forth war of words before Pooh gets escorted away by security, but not before telling Karlie to kiss her snatch like she did before. Karlie shouts that she would and has never. But do we believe Karlie?


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