Jamaican Dance Hall Queen Spice is expecting her third child.


"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Spice is tapping into the makeup business with her Face & Lace Piano palette and microphone brush set.

Akbar has a lot of growing to do is she wants to be successful and Spice isn't here for it.

Karlie Redd holds the group down in Trinidad while Spice is away, Mimi thinks bringing Pooh on the trip is a good idea, Scrapp and Sierra address gun violence, and more.

Spice invites the crew to join her in Trinidad for Machel Mondays, Che Mack thinks Made Man is cheating, Pooh wants to start over, and more.

Che Mack passes a message from Pooh to Karlie Redd at her engagement party and all hell breaks loose, Spice's colorism drama is still going and more.

Spice is still on a mission to get people to acknowledge colorism as she preps the release of her song "Black Hypocrisy," Mimi takes Spice on a Black History tour, Tokyo Vanity meets with a personal trainer.

Spice confronts colorism in an extreme way, Mimi is pissed off at Stevie for marrying Faith Evans without telling her, Karlie Redd has beef with a new entry to the show and more.

The reality star claims she was trying to make a point about how prevalent and dangerous colorism is in our community.

***Update*** Spice finally responded to the backlash surrounding her album cover. Colorism is an issue not only prevalent in American culture but in Caribbean culture as well and this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta artist Spice (real name Grace Hamilton) is using her platform to speak out about it. Spice scammed all of us when […]

Spice calls Tommie out for lacking accountability when it comes to her bad behavior, Tokyo Vanity and Tabius are cool, and Mimi has learned to stay out of drama.

Stevie J and Erica continue their displays of mutual hatred for each other, Tommie and Spice fall out again, Nina Parker is over it and more.