love and hip hop atlanta

VH! got their own polygraph expert for Karlie Redd, Stevie is still antagonizing Mimi and Ty, and more.

Shekinah helps Kendra find her way back to Joc, Mimi and Stevie J still can't get right, Kirk and Rasheeda open a restaurant, and more.

Karlie Redd reveals her lie detector tests amid a scuffle with Pooh both their daughters, Yung Joc is left heartbroken by Kendra, and more.

Yung Joc confronts Karlie Redd about the rumors she spread, Spice and Shekinah get into it, Kendra has had enough of Joc, and more.

Karlie Redd realizes that her relationship with Mo is not the move, Mimi confronts Stevie J about his passive-aggressive behavior and more.

Yung Joc has some trouble at his salon with his business partner, Kirk hasn't told Rasheeda that he's in touch with Jasmine without a middle man, and more.

Spice slays Machel Monday with Destra as back up, Karlie Redd agrees to taking a lie detector test, Rasheeda gets mad at Kirk for texting Jasmine behind her back, and more.

Mimi's plan for Pooh and Karlie Redd to make peace obviously doesn't go very well, Joc gets some frustrating news about he and Kendra's future together and more.

Karlie Redd holds the group down in Trinidad while Spice is away, Mimi thinks bringing Pooh on the trip is a good idea, Scrapp and Sierra address gun violence, and more.

Spice invites the crew to join her in Trinidad for Machel Mondays, Che Mack thinks Made Man is cheating, Pooh wants to start over, and more.

Karlie Redd gets called out for being messy, Akbar V pokes at Tokyo Vanity and Spice, and more.

Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta takes a page straight out of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. We start with the crew headed to a cabin in the woods for Kirk and Rasheeda’s couples trip. Guests include, BK and Sierra, Scrappy and Bambi, Joc and Kendra, and Karlie Redd decide to be […]