5. There’s Nothing You Can Do About A Man Who Doesn’t Want You

As much as I wanted Mellie to win (and I’m probably one of the few that actually like Mellie’s character. Lol) there is a lesson to be learned in all of this: there’s nothing you can do about a man who doesn’t want you. Fitz has made it clear to Mellie over and over again that he wasn’t attracted to her or the least bit in love with her anymore.

While I don’t condone the whole “mistress” thing, I found it interesting to note that to Fitz, Olivia was more than just a “side piece.” He said he’s actually in love with her. Unfortunately for Mellie, the more she tried to keep her husband close to her, the more she ended up pushing him away and straight into Olivia’s arms. During one of the most emotional scenes in the episode, we learned that it was Fitz that leaked Olivia’s name to the public so that Mellie wouldn’t have a hold on their relationship any longer. If the public knew about Fitz and Liv, their relationship wouldn’t have to be a secret and Liv could be “free.” Well played, Fitz. Well played. Except…what’s going to happen now that the public thinks someone else was the mistress?

If Shonda Rhimes’ twists and turns in the last few seasons are any indication, this is definitely going to get a lot uglier before it’s all said and done! What did you think about the “Scandal” premiere?

Until next week, check out a special video message that Kerry Washington taped for Roland Martin, IMPACT, the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Majic 102 and the Scandal Watch Party at The Park At 14th in Washington D.C. after the season 3 premiere of Scandal.

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