2. Olivia Had Quite The Political Past

Now that the “secret” was out to the public that Liv and Fitz were creeping, it was time for everybody to take action to try and squash the story in the news. Olivia returned to her office and wanted business to resume as normal but the only problem was that none of her clients wanted anything to do with her or her team anymore, and who could blame them? It was then time for operation clean up and while Harrison led the Gladiator effort, over at the White House Cyrus called for a “kill folder” for Olivia. At first it seemed like he was going to turn on Liv and have her offed! The kill folder does end up giving us some interesting information from Olivia’s past: her mother passed away when she was very young, she attended only the best boarding schools in the country, she’s always been attracted to older, powerful and political men, and she was a “party girl” after college. Let’s just hope there’s no crazy video evidence out there!

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