3. The Truth Hurts

Olivia launches into “fixer” mode and meets with Fitz and Mellie to try and come up with a plan to save Fitz’s name as President of the United States. Let’s first point out the fact that Fitz had his wife and mistress in the same room (at the same damn time) while trying to plan a lie to cover up his affair. Just let that sink in for a few seconds…

While the three of them tried to come up with the perfect lie, Fitz suggested that they just told the truth. Mellie wasn’t too fond of the idea of Fitz telling the truth about his affair with Olivia because it would mean that it was more than just sex for Fitz and Liv but that the two of them actually loved each other, and what wife wants to hear that? They came to the agreement that Fitz would tell the public that he and Liv only slept together twice. Big mistake. They planned a press conference for the announcement with the Grant children in tow for the perfect photo op afterward. It looked like they finally had a plan…until the Gladiators come through and set up a poor, innocent White House Aide to take the fall as the other woman. Too bad someone caught her on camera saying the President was “hot” while she was tipsy.

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