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cardi b The 2024 Met Gala Celebrating "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" - Arrivals

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When Cardi B spoke with Emma Chamberlain and Vogue magazine at the 2024 Met Gala on Monday night, she gushed about feeling like that girl for the fabulous affair. The rapper had just arrived at the event’s tent—thanks to the aid of at least seven people—and looked like a dream.

Her ensemble for the anticipated affair was a larger-than-life black couture Windowsen gown with an angled feather top and tiered voluminous bottom. Cardi’s glam squad matched her over-the-top look with a wrapped black fabric crown and jewel green makeup.

Cardi told Vogue that she felt “amazing,” though the dress weighed more than she did. She was ready to officially hit the red carpet.

What Cardi B didn’t share, however, was the name of the designer who made her dress. When Emma asked, the “Enough” rapper answered. ” I feel amazing. It’s this amazing designer. They are Asian and everything. So, yeah.”

The designer’s name is Sensen Lii.

See her brief exchange with Emma below.

Cardi’s ‘Vogue’ comments sent some fashion lovers, fans and critics into a frenzy.

Former Vogue managing editor Gilbert Chea was one of them. Seemingly taking offense to Cardi’s comments, he posted his own in response on Instagram (on a May 7 post that has since been deleted).

Gilbert faulted Cardi for not naming the nationality of the designer, called her out for not saying the designer’s name and called her look “boring” and “not on theme.”

Today, the fashionista responded, clapping back in true Cardi fashion.

In a Story that has been removed, Cardi said, “I think a former director of Vogue got offended because I said, Asian designer.’ I said ‘Asian designer’ because I knew that the designer was Asian, but I wasn’t sure what nationality the designer was. I feel like it’s offensive if I say ‘Chinese designer’ or ‘some Korean designer’ or ‘Vietnamese designer‘ because I don’t want to get somebody’s nationality mixed up. So I said, ‘Asian designer.'”

She also explained that she was nervous about walking in her dress, posing and getting to the red carpet. Cardi shared that with everything happening around her, the designer’s name was hard to pronounce.

See more of Cardi’s response below.

Opinions on Cardi’s comments have been mixed, but if you are a Cardi fan, you know that the rapper is no stranger to controversy or clapping back. Cardi has no problem defending herself online. 

In fact, social media is often her chosen battleground. Cardi is going to “Cardi” and look fabulous while doing it.

She said as much herself.

Ending her video earlier today, Cardi said, “And to those saying, ‘She’s not into fashion. She’s not going to get invited next year.’ Baby, I’m Cardi B.”

Sensen Lii hasn’t publicly commented on the controversy. However, pictures and videos of Cardi B in the designer gown remain on Sensen’s Windowsen page.


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