olivia pope

Eli Pope, the hell and high water, steps up to save the Gladiators and Mellie from going to jail.

Olivia Pope fights back with the truth and blows the whistle on B613, and Jake and Cyrus have to figure out what their next moves are.

Mellie realizes that Olivia is the only person who can help her fight back against Cyrus' evil plot to take her down.

Cyrus Beene is on the warpath and plans to stop anyone who gets in his way of becoming president of the United States.

Mellie and Jake work scramble to get a hijacked Airforce 2 back to DC safely while Olivia figures out that Cyrus Beene is up to more schemes to take over the Oval Office.

Annalise Keating and Olivia Pope have a rough start but eventually learn to bring out the best in each other.

When Annalise Keating's class action suit takes a wrong turn, Michaela convinces her to make friends in high places just as Olivia Pope comes to town.

When things finally don't go Olivia Pope's way, she has to make a major career decision that sets us up for her visit to Philadelphia.

The gladiators trap Olivia Pope in Vermont to stage a much-needed intervention and what she does next is the most desperate she has ever been.

Tonight we discover that there are more layers to Quinn's alleged death than we probably thought and that Rowan might actually not be the bad guy.

All signs point to Quinn being dead, but Charlie makes a discovery about his baby that could change the game.

As time runs out to get Quinn back safely, Olivia discovers that her new life as command means choosing to give up her soul.