About Kovie Biakolo

Kovie Biakolo is A Nigerian-born third-culture kid. She believes in diversity in everything, from her writing to her taste in food, music, fashion, and people.

By being practical and disciplined, you can make your 2020 resolutions meaningful.

Black women have always had a way with words. It's engrained in us, as culturally, across time and space, we have used our words to survive, preserve and thrive.

Being a Black woman in the workplace is a mixed bag.

Calling all Valentine's Day haters, lovers, and in-betweeners.

People in relationships have Valentine's Day and single people now have Singles Awareness Day.

Oreos are more addictive than cocaine...so maybe it's time to give up refined sugar?

In an effort to protect young girls from sexual harm, are we taking away their autonomy?