1. Fight For It, Without Arguing

Fight For It, Without Arguing

If you’re in a relationship, you’re bound to disagree with your partner occasionally. Jacqueline Whitmore, an internationally-recognized etiquette expert & author says healthy relationships hinge on a couple’s ability to know which issues are worth fighting over over & which are worth letting go. Learn how to pick your battles with these tips from Jacqueline. You and your relationship will improve greatly!

2. Talk, Don’t Yell

Talk, Don’t Yell

Both parties will likely become defensive if the fight becomes overly emotional. Practice effective listening. Let your partner know his or her view is valued, even if you don’t completely agree.

3. Don’t React Immediately

Don't React Immediately

Walk away from the situation for a few minutes. Calm down and consider what an argument will accomplish. If you choose to fight every battle, you’ll be seen as stubborn or argumentative.

4. Communicate


Don’t assume your partner knows what you’re feeling. Be specific about what upsets you. Meet each other halfway and try to find a compromise.

5. Look In The Mirror

Never minimize or cover up your mistakes. Most times, both parties contribute to the problem. Take responsibility for your part, acknowledge your errors and work toward a compromise.

6. Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Have a respectful conversation. If the situation becomes too tense, take a break. It’s better to step away than it is to let the argument escalate.

7. Preempt The Problem

Preempt The Problem

A little prevention goes a long way. Address the situation as soon as you see an issue arise. Be proactive in your approach. Some arguments are simply a difference in perspective.

8. Seek Help When Necessary

Seek Help When Necessary

Some issues seem too large to solve. When you can’t reach an agreement and you want to keep your relationship intact, seek professional advice. Sometimes a counselor or mediator can shed light on the situation and keep your love alive. You don’t have t wait until marriage to get a counselor.

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