Chick Chat

Whether a disgruntled ex-wife, spiteful baby momma or an all-for-self girlfriend, I can’t stand any woman who comes in the way of a father trying to establish a solid and much-needed relationship with his children. My disdain is so intense, that you’d think I was the victim of a fatherless childhood due to some maniac […]

I met Jay at a party about three years after I moved to NYC. The party scene became my social life. I was out every night, going to no less than two parties a night. At my first stop on a Tuesday evening, I spotted Jay. He’s the first White guy I had my eyes […]

In the light of the recent thirst centered around the hottest mugshot on the internet since Porsha Stewart, I started reflecting on the one time when I dated a man who is a convicted felon. Seriously, Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot caused such a stir on the internet–inspiring hilarious memes and exposing great amounts of thirst from […]


With all the conversation that you’re having with your girlfriends, who’s having the conversation about your health? There are countless blogs about Black women’s hair–what’s your curl pattern? What protective styles can you wear? How often should you wash? Is co-washing better? The natural hair conversation has taken off to dimensions my unborn grandchild will […]

Being transparent is always a double-edged sword. Rarely are people (readers) comfortable with what needs to be shared. And one would think that those who offer help would be more comfortable with taboo topics like suicide being openly shared, but they’re not either. After learning that Karyn Washington, my friend and popular blogger, committed suicide […]

It was one of those snowy and frigid Friday nights when I had absolutely no desire to leave my apartment. And neither did my roommates. So we all decided to crack open a huge bottle of Ciroc I received as a Christmas gift, pretended to be snowed in and got toasty. Two cocktails in, my […]

From flamboyant “Fashion Queens” to regal and respected lesbians who choose to “out” themselves on social media, being Black and gay in Hollywood isn’t as fabulous as it seems. There’s a pressure to come out if the world questions your sexuality, there’s an unbalanced representation of Black gays in the media and don’t even get […]

Maybe Jay Z could take a few cues from fellow rapper, T.I. on how to be a husband who’s wife likes to wear sexy things. T.I.’s  Tiny has been posting a lot of fun-in-the-sun vacation shots lately and many of those photos include her displaying her abnormally large rump and the rapper-turned “Family Hustle” star’s […]

The Man Cave. Men are pretty simple creatures, so it’s nothing more than a space all their own where they can be men. Maybe there’s a pool table, a mini-fridge stocked with beer, a gaming system of some sort, porn…the list goes on, but it’s their favorite thing confined to a small space, usually right […]

Dating Kevin was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. He was the one that hated my vices and I was faced with a decision to make a life change or go back to being single. I chose single life, but it wasn’t the vices that broke us up–well, sort of. During the […]

Sex & Relationships

After a long day at the office and even longer commute home, the last thing on my mind was sex, though I knew my man was expecting it. Since we flirted all day through sext messages with emojis, I couldn’t disappoint him with my “career woman” woes that have become more frequent with my salary […]

Jayson and I dated about four years ago and we were a glorified fling at best. Many of our dates consisted of takeout, me cooking up a plate of his favorites, movies and lots and lots of affection. But I wasn’t mad at the limitations to our hangouts. Jayson made me laugh, he was great […]