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Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there! To celebrate, a bunch of us at #TeamBeautiful got super nostalgic in the last few weeks and started talking about all the times our dads made us feel honored to be their daughters. One after the next, we all shared our favorite moments and since they made us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, we figured we’d share them with our fabulous readers on the site.

For all the wonderful dads out there (as well as the guys that are gearing up to become one) this one’s for you!

On Getting Healthy

“I was proud of my dad was when he stopped smoking in 2009 after 30 years of smoking. When I picture my dad, I visualize him with a cigarette and glass of beer on the table. That’s how he would unwind so it’s even weird for me to picture him without smoking. It’s been six years since he has stopped smoking and although he told me that there isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t think of smoking, I’m glad he never actually picks up the cigarette.” -Veronica

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On My School Days

“I’m a daddy’s girl to my core. He was always a fun, stern, supportive guy. One time in junior high school, I had a project on the French Revolution and I had to build a guillotine. I came over to his workshop with my guillotine that I built. I was so proud of it but he just told me, ‘Go to bed, sweetheart,’ because it was so bad! He woke me up the next morning and took me to his workshop and revealed this beautiful, functioning guillotine that he built overnight. It was the most awesome thing ever. That guillotine won awards!” -Katina

“When I was in Catholic school, my father took me to school everyday—even in the winter, too. Once, I got up in the middle of the night and walked into the dining room to find that he was cutting out cardboard. That’s how I discovered that he had holes in his shoes! He was cutting cardboard for his shoes so that he could walk with me and so that I could go to Catholic school where we wouldn’t have to pay tuition. Now, that’s a father.” -Oretha

On My Wedding Day

“His speech at my wedding made me cry! It was so funny, so poignant, such a lovely speech. I get misty just thinking about it.” -Katina

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On Building A Family

“I’m proud of my dad and the relationship he has with his father. My grandfather wasn’t around when my dad and his siblings were growing up. To say ‘papa was a rolling stone’ would be an understatement! My father has always been a man of God even when he’s acting up and he has shown that in various ways. His forgiveness of my grandfather, without an apology, has lived as a testimony to me. He calls him on the regular, makes sure he knows when his kids and grandkids have birthdays coming up, invites him to graduations and constantly reminds everyone that we’ve all made mistakes when they argue over my grandfather’s inclusion on things. He goes out of his way to extend kindness and patience to a man whom, many would believe, doesn’t deserve it. -Andrea

“Here’s a piece of advice I got from my mom on choosing a man that you want to settle with: watch how he treats the other women in his life. If a guy is kind to his mother or his sister, chances are that he will be a kind and decent person to you because he knows how to treat women. Watching [my father] and my mom, they’ve been married for 45 years and have been together for 50. They do things together and he’s very nurturing and he leans in and he listens to everyone, my mom in particular. He wants to be his best self not only for her but for the rest of the family.” –Katina

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“My parents got divorced in 2001 but they’ve never done anything crazy in front of me or had any major fights or anything to that nature. In 2008, my mom remarried and my dad flew from D.C. to come to the wedding. I thought that was awesome because he showed everyone that: he and my mom have a good relationship; that at the end of the day, she’s still the mother of his child and that they can still work with one another. My mom and my stepdad reciprocated this past October when my dad got married.” -Andrea

On Being Supportive

“Once my dad even came here to the office when I was sick! He rode for an hour and 40 minutes on a train to come and get my laptop for me so that I could work from home. That’s my father.” –Oretha

“My dad continuously makes me proud because he always goes out of his way to help those in his family, even when it’s an inconvenience for him. I was a really passionate ballet student when I was in high school. In the wintertime during the school year, he would drive me from our house in the suburbs to my dance studio in Harlem. Then, every night after class I would walk outside and he would always be there on time to pick me up and get me home safe so I could finish my homework for the next day. Eventually, I realized that he would sit in his car outside the studio (for three hours!) while I was dancing just so I didn’t have to ride the subway home late at night by myself.” -Monique

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“My father loved and cared for my mother until the moment she died. He was in the [hospital] room and held her hand the whole way. He went to her hospital bed and fed her breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Without him, I don’t know what I would do without him.” –Oretha

Do you have any proud daughter moments for Father’s Day? Please share! We’d love to hear them! Make sure you pay tribute to the men you love and care about the most here.


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