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So many unhealthy habits creep into our lives and stay there far longer than they should! From not always eating right to having bad sleeping cycles, there are little things we do each day that are preventing us from living a truly healthy life. We all know the devil is in the details so take some time to examine your day and see where you may have slipped up.

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Here are a few you might have missed that need to be cut out of your life stat!

1. Eating without thinking.

Food can be our downfall if we don’t put it its proper place. There are many problems with food production that we face in America currently. And sometimes it feels like we have to choose between paying an arm and a leg for food or buying cheap, unhealthy food. Balance is hard to find. And in our daily consumption, this is true too. It’s easy to eat when you’re bored, sad, lonely, etc. But food is a good thing and like all good things, it must be treated with respect. Think about your food and enjoy it, but do not abuse it or be mindless about it.

2. Being a couch potato.

Everyone is busy, so let’s just get that out the way because that’s often the excuse for not making time for physical activity. No one is saying you have to be a body builder or become a marathon runner, but little changes to your life can make a difference. From taking a brisk walk for twenty minutes to doing some simple stretches. The best and easiest way to get into working out, is to find an activity you love. Give everything a chance from running to cycling to swimming to dance. Your body will thank you not only now but in your later years.

3. Not drinking enough water.

Put down the sugary substitutes and even the snacks ever so often, and grab the earth’s natural drink once in a while. It should become common knowledge that most of the time when we think we’re hungry between meals, our bodies are actually longing for water. Apart from the necessity of water to the body, from clear skin to helping your digestive system, drinking water should be another daily deliberate activity to incorporate into your life.

4. Spending too much time plugged-in.

One of the best decisions I made last year was to delete most social media apps from my phone. I only kept Instagram cause the app is the main use. Apart from spending way less time on my phone in general, when I do use my phone during “passive” times, I do more productive things on my phone – like reading, or making lists or attending to my calendar. Apart from cutting out the clutter out of your mind, you often find that you are a lot more focused on you and what you’re doing rather than what everyone else is doing when you plug out as much as you can.

5. Not getting enough sleep.

This is my personal Achilles Heel, and I have been working on it forever. I am one of those weird people who is both a night owl and an early bird. But whether it’s my DNA or I’ve trained my body or brain to become like this, I tend to get chronically tired for a period of time in the afternoon. Being tired is like being hungry to me–I become quite moody. Sleep is good for our bodies, brains and our mental and emotional health. Rest up and if you live that work from home life as I do, take that nap in the middle of the day if you must.


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