While looking around on the newly installed BMWK Forums, I ran across something that was interesting. I had started a topic about how readers met their spouses. Well, the first two people to respond said they met their mates online. A third said she wasn’t married yet, but was engaged and met her boo on MySpace. They also mentioned how they may have felt funny about telling folks they met their other halves on the internet, but have gotten over it by now. The first responder said it’s been 8 years now since she and her husband got married, so it must have worked.

Now, a few years back, it was taboo to be trying to find a hookup on the Web, and people may have thought you were a weirdo, but is it really weird at all anymore? Not that I’m looking for any hookups, but I meet regular folks on the Web every week and some of us become friends and even work together – all without having ever met face to face…

So what’s the consensus – is dating online okay, or still a little creepy? Read the rest of the post at

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