The sexy raptress gets personal and talks self-care, the role of family, her future goals, love, and more.

We commend the "Claws" star for 'breaking the generational curse" of accepting the lie that she is "no one" without a partner. We hope other sistas are listening.

Share your thoughts on the act of stealthing, Marie Kondo-ing your personal life, and if you should prioritizing sex when looking for Mr. Right in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.

Share your thoughts on cheating, men’s comments on women’s looks, and what information you should keep to yourself in a relationship in this week’s Listen to Black Women poll.

Father's Day can be a time of love or anxiety, depending on your relationship with your dad. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 23.6 percent of American children grow up without fathers in their household, so it's no surprise that many people dread Father's Day as a reminder of their childhood.

Is he guilty for sending the "WYD" text, or are we guilty for responding?

We talked to Pastor John Gray himself and broke it all down in this week's episode.

We finally get to the root of what the phrase means, sort of.

If the crusade against sexual assault represents the first wave of #MeToo, the stage is now set for the truth surrounding emotional abuse in relationships to surface.

Apparently there are boys around that know how to make a girl feel...make her feel good.

"Whats shocking is that ppl are shocked that a grown a** woman has the b***s to speak openly & honestly about sex. Y'all are comedy," the actress tweeted.