According to a new study on couples, technology has become a key actor in the life of many American adults who are married or in committed relationships. The report reveals that couples use digital tools like the Internet, cell phones and social media — both small and large moments — to help facilitate communication and support. […]

Yes, there is a way to authentically connect with your loved ones without using social media. I’ll be the first to admit that while I log on to Facebook on a daily, very rarely do I actually connect with friends and family members who are also on Facebook. Social media has this way of making […]

According to a recent survey posted by, 69 percent of the 1,000 participants polled admitted to wasting time at work on a daily basis. This can include anything from water cooler talks, using social media on their personal mobile devices and also surfing the internet for personal reasons or interests on their work computer. […]

Romney might be running his campaign with promises to save middle-class American jobs, but when he threatens to cut one of the most important jobs…

I recently read the most ridiculous article that really exemplifies how technology has taken over both waking and even sleeping hours. In past weeks, I’ve focused blog entries on how, in short, technology has both positively and negatively influenced our lives, but this article just blew my mind in terms of how far removed we […]