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Erica Mena and Spice

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Fans have labeled Erica Mena racist after the reality TV star called her Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star a “monkey.”

Underlying tension between reality TV star Erica Mena and Dancehall Queen Spice boiled over, Monday night, on an explosive episode of the MTV show. Mena and Spice sat down to discuss their issues when things went left and Erica flipped a table over the Jamaican gem. The situation worsened between the two as they were separated and Erica called Spice a “blue monkey,” among other unmentionables. Erica is being rightfully dragged for her racist comments with some demanding she be removed from the show.

By now, you are well aware of this season of Love & Hip Hop Atanta‘s biggest storyline: the failed relationships of Erica Mena and Safaree, Scrappy and Bambi, Sierra Gates and Eric Whitehead. All of which already had fans growing steadily fatigued.

Castmate Shekinah brought Erica and Spice together to hash out their differences, but the meeting did more damage than good. Things went awry when Erica asked Spice to empathize with her as a woman. “If you were in my shoes, you wouldn’t feel a way?” Erica was referring to Safaree claiming he would be in tears if Spice passed away around the time the international artist was suffering a medical emergency. “I was his wife and he felt nothing,” Erica explained. Spice responded, “That don’t have nothing to do with me if he felt nothing for you.”

Erica Mena Racist?

Spice told Erica, she isn’t the first woman to be divorced and left a single mother with two children “to fend for,” and that she’s been doing it for 14 years. “Welcome to the club,” Spice said. Erica fired back that she’d been doing it for 16 years. Spice responded with a low blow, “with a son that doesn’t like you.” And that’s when sh*t hit the fan. The incident escalated resulting in Erica flipping the table onto Spice. Erica responded by calling her a “blue monkey.” Then she doubled down on the racist slur, calling her a “monkey” a second time.

Record scratch.

Earlier in the episode, Shekinah revealed Erica felt a way towards Spice after she posed in a photo with Safaree and his for-TV boo Amara la Negra. Spice explained how she was meeting Safaree to put him in check over his inappropriate behavior towards Erica and allegedly failing to pay child support. Spice claimed Safaree showed her receipts of him paying child support, but still she would defend Erica because she could relate to her situation. Safaree also sent Spice voice notes claiming Erica was upset he was crying over rumors Spice had died. “‘Erica is like why you crying for that b*tch?'” Safaree reportedly said. Shekinah, being the voice of reason, asked if Spice heard Erica actually utter those words to which she responded, “no”

“I was always rooting for Erica. I was always putting Safaree in check with it came to Erica but after she tried to sabotage my gala, and all those voice notes Safaree sent me and told me what she said about me. It’s obvious she don’t really like me.”

Fans Call For Erica Mena To Be Removed From ‘L&HHATL’

Fans have taken to X, formerly Twitter, to call out Erica Mena, who has an alleged history of using racial slurs. In 2015, a club promoter accused Erica Mena of being racist when she allegedly called them Black monkeys, AllHipHop reported from a gossip site Celeb Gozzip.

Erica Mena was arrested over the weekend for reportedly getting into a fight with a Buckhead lounge security guard and also biting a policeman.



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