iOne Digital Creative Class 2019
Wuzzam Supa

Source: iOne Digital / iOne Digital/Creative Class

Name: Raynell “Supa Cent” Stewart a.k.a. Wuzzam Supa

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: New Orleans

How We Know Her: Back in 2017, the astute beauty biz gem’s products famously generated $1 million in revenue… in 90 minutes.

Why We Chose Her: A focused entrepreneur, Wuzzam Supa is consistently shattering sales records.

What’s Next: The Crayon Case’s latest addition, Face Paint, launched over the summer and fans can expect more updates—and sales—this holiday season.

IG: @supa_cent

If Miss Jenkins scolded you for your wack ass coloring skills in the first grade, just know that as an adult, New Orleans’ own Raynell “Supa Cent” Stewart gives you permission to draw off the page. To Supa, the face is the ultimate canvas and “students” always get an A+ for coloring outside the lines. Her wildly popular, scratch that, viral, cosmetics brand, The Crayon Case, is beginner friendly, but even the makeup pros adore it. Because: the colors pop. Plus, her addictive products and tools follow a fun school theme.

Supa started with the highly pigmented Box of Crayons palette and graduated to chalk dusting setting powder, loose leaf makeup wipes, honor roll highlighter and more so that her #crayoncuties can “slay afterschool.”

The Crayon Case launched in 2017 and a year later Supa’s beauty biz was caught mainstream fascination when she racked up $1 million—in 90 minutes—during a Cyber Monday sale. The old urban legend says lightening doesn’t strike the same place twice, but Supa is proof that it absolutely does. After her first Internet breaking sale, Supa had another historic situation months later. This time the Nawlins-based business earned another milli—in 60 minutes.

Her cuties area about that brand love and loyalty, but they also stan hard for the self-made mogul who is always cracking jokes and is super blunt on social media. The mom of two is honest about everything from relationships to parenting to her former life as a French Quarter waitress. She will hop on Instagram Live in a bonnet and sans makeup to chat about why she’s getting a tummy tuck. And while she engages online with her supporters, don’t bother trying to change her mind about anything. Once Supa puts her mind to something she’s going to do it, peridot, in life and business.

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