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JBW Watches x B.Simone Launch For #BEAUTYINDIAMONDS

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A pinch here, a tuck there… Apps like FaceTune have made it simple to alter one’s body shape or erase skin blemishes with the swipe of your finger. And thanks to the pressures of social media, which perpetuates unattainable body and beauty standards, it’s become a common occurrence to alter your photos.

Beauty boss and social media influencer B. Simone recently revealed she used to alter her photos before posting them on her many platforms. The B. Simone Beauty CEO, who’s known for manifesting her successful business and life, vowed to stop “subtly” tweaking her photos.

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“I’ve always been super transparent with who I really am but on this page page I wear things that are ‘flattering to my body’ or high waist pants, or I’ll subtly bring in my waist on an app, or get a ‘good angle’ so I look slimmer etc.,” she wrote in a transparent social media status. “I will not be editing my body or trying to hide my rolls! I’m embracing the journey and I’m taking you all along with me.”

Simone has always been an advocate for body positivity, often joking about her extra flab or back fat in her viral videos. “I started a fitness journey and my fitness has been so up and down over the years, which I’m sure many women can relate to,” she explained in a short e-mail exchange. “One month I’m fit, the next month I’m overweight. One month I’m skinny, the next month I’m bloated. I know this is because I didn’t make my health and fitness a lifestyle change.”

Simone made a separate Instagram account to track her fitness journey to help keep her accountable. “I vowed against editing my pictures on the fitness page because I wanted to be honest with myself and the women around me that struggle with the same things I do.”

While Simone said she doesn’t edit her photos on her entertainment page, “most of the time,” her fitness page will be au naturale.

JBW Watches x B.Simone Launch For #BEAUTYINDIAMONDS

Source: Robin L Marshall / Getty

“On this fitness page, I’m not editing my body at all. What you see is what you get. People will go through this real and raw transition with me. It’s having faith over fear and manifesting the body that you want. I’m staying super focused, honing in on discipline and consistency to reach my fitness goals in 2021.

Simone is no stranger to making headlines for sharing her personal experiences through her videos. She recently faced controversy after a clip of her talking about women’s standards went viral.

“I’m all about women empowerment, fashion, beauty, and women coming together to encourage each other and win,” she said. Simone, known for her outspoken nature and larger-than-life personality wants to encourage women not to compete with or being jealous of one another.

“If another girl has something that you want or that you’re striving to achieve, or maybe she’s a little more successful than you in an area, learn from her. You can befriend her, work with her, but don’t envy that. Everybody’s purpose, journey, and destiny is different. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just link up with like-minded people and come together. I think that’s what we need more of in the female community.”

In other B. Simone news, she is gearing up for the launch of her second merchandise collaboration with Footaction titled “Faith Over Fear.” The collection, which is in honor of International Women’s Day, drops on March 8th.


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