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B. Simone Foot Action Collaboration

Source: Foot Action / Foot Action

Influencer B. Simone has been securing her bag all quarantine long and we love to see it! From the launch of her co-working space along best friend and manager Mz Skittlez to being tapped as a Savage x FENTY ambassador for Rihanna’s lingerie line, B. Simone has us all thinking that the “B” stands for “businesswoman” or “bag secured.” Now, B. Simone has been putting her fashion foot forward with her highly anticipated collection for Foot Action as the first person to co-develop her own brand with Foot Action for the BABYGIRL collection.

“Foot Action is a brand that’s been around for decades. I grew up on Foot Action, so it’s almost like bringing old school legendary vibes with the new millennial and faces of entertainment, beauty and fashion,” the social media stunner and entrepreneur shared with HelloBeautiful exclusively. With brand collaborations with style influencers on the rise, B. Simone told us that she finds the idea of co-creating with the “what’s hot” on social media is a major key for brand elevation. “That’s why I love this collab with Foot Action because they let me be myself and let me be B. Simone 100%.”

HelloBeautiful had the opportunity to speak with the game-changer about her new Foot Action collaboration, how the collection reflects her personal style and why brand collaborations play an important role in the rise of fashion and beauty influencers.

“It was random,” B. Simone told HelloBeautiful exclusively about how the Foot Action collaboration came about. Her manager knew somebody over at the team who had expressed interest in connecting with different influencers and personalities. B. Simone’s name was instantly tossed into the right and after championing for her influence in the social media world, a talk led to a few calls, which led to planning and taking the proper steps to make her vision come to life. “[My vision] just went hand-in-hand with theirs. They’re all about women empowerment and pushing positive women with their brand, so it just tied in with my brand and worked out.”

B. Simone Foot Action Collaboration

Source: Foot Action / Foot Action

When we asked her about her favorite items from her collection titled after her signature phrase, “Babygirl,” she responded giddily and couldn’t choose just one. “Can I say everything?,” she said laughing but serious. With the new Jordan 1s that will have been released, B. Simone ensured that during her creative curation, the leggings, hoodies and all other color schemes would be coordinated with those of the sneakers. “The apparel is super simple, but so girly and casual. It’s everyday wear,” she simplified. 

“If I could dress in hoodies, sweats and leggings every single day, I would, but that’s definitely not the industry I’m in,” the “Babygirl” collaborator admitted to HelloBeautiful. “You definitely have to dress up, wear makeup and heels every now and then, but I love being comfortable.” B. Simone continued to say that she would “rather be comfortable than cute,” which is what she demonstrates in her Foot Action apparel line by putting the two opposing forces together. The size-inclusive line ranges from XS to 2X to make sure that everyone and every body has the luxury of being both cute and comfortable.

“As business owners and people who have products, of course our goal is to get our product off the shelves. We don’t make products to not sell it, right?,” She asked rhetorically. “Always with my products – whether it’s my lip gloss or this line with Foot Action – I like to have a message behind it so the consumer, the girls and people who are supporting me can connect with me on that level. That’s why the messaging is ‘love yourself’ because that’s literally what I was going through in my personal life.” 

She continued to be more vulnerable about the current state of her mental health journey, but she is prevailing with self-love. “I’m still going through that and constantly growing, evolving and finding new ways to love myself everyday. That’s what got me through my darkest times – personal and public. I went through a lot this year and the main thing that got me through is loving myself. I want to push that narrative to young women, everyone supporting me and everyone who has their eye on this campaign.”