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Chloe Bailey isn’t just grown-ish anymore, she’s all grown up. The Grown-ish actress is one-half of the incredibly talented group ChloexHalle and most-recently went viral for her impressive #bussitchallenge. Just a few days prior, she was trending on Twitter after she and her sister debuted individual social media pages. And before that, she made headlines when a clip of her passionate performance of Forgive Me at the Verizon Up series circulated social media.

Needless to say, Chloe is embracing her womanhood and knows the world is watching. “It’s really empowering,” she said in a chill video chat while promoting season 3B of Grown-ish. “I feel like the positive that has come out of quarantine, is that I’m learning to love myself and all of my flaws. How I come, Owning my body and who I am as a young woman Even my smart business mind — so like all the different things women can be – that’s what I’m investing myself into,” she continued.

Like the rest of us, quarantine has served as a time of self-reflection while learning to appreciate the little things. Her sister Halle agrees. “This pandemic and being in quarantine has really taught me to love myself and be grateful for what I have,” Halle said.

As for how Chloe is handling all the new attention? “I don’t think it’s new attention.” However, she understands how it may be hard for fans to accept she and Halle aren’t kids anymore.

“I’m going to be 23 in July and I feel like now is the time more than ever to really own who you are.”

Catch Chloe x Halle on Grown-ish Thursday nights at 8/7c on Freeform.


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