Halle Bailey and her sister Chloe Bailey held hands while watching 'The Little Mermaid' together for the first time.

Chloe Bailey showed fans her process for taking off her wig while keeping her edges intact after the premiere of 'The Little Mermaid.'

Chloë Bailey ate and left no crumbs when she hit the stage to perform in her custom L.O.C.A. bodysuit!

Chloë Bailey now has her own honorary day in Atlanta, Georgia and took to Instagram to celebrate the news.

Tina Gordon uses her knack for Black storytelling to highlight the competitive side of church culture in Peacock's 'Praise This.'

Chloe Bailey acts alongside actress Anjelika Washington in the hilarious faith-based comedy 'Praise This.'

Will Packer has a talent for producing box office hits, and he's just added 'Praise This' to the list.

Chlöe Bailey, Quavo and a star-studded list of celebrities shined during the red carpet premiere of 'Praise This' on Monday.

Chloë Bailey was spotted out in an archive Jean Paul Gaultier look that's everything!