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Love and Hip-Hop New York picks up with Yandy and Juju having a tense discussion about all the shadiness and gossiping going on between friends. Remember last week how people aka Yandy, Kimbella, and Jonathan felt that Juju was secretive? This is that again. Basically, Yandy feels some type of way because Juju never really actually told her anything about her breakup with Cam’ron. Like, how dare Juju be so heartbroken that she doesn’t want to talk about a painful thing!

Anyway, Juju expresses that she doesn’t like being called secretive, and she won’t be talking about the break up any time soon because it still hurts and frankly, she doesn’t have to…just like Yandy didn’t tell them about the fact that she and Mendeecees planned to not sign their marriage certificate.

Jaquae and Rich Dollaz meet up to talk artist biz. Basically, Jaquae is working with Nya Lee and wants Richie D to check her out. He doesn’t know that Rich Dollaz and Nya Lee hate each other. You may remember Nya Lee from a few seasons back. She was another stripper/rapper trying to make it big but she came on the show full of herself. She and Rich had a major falling out minutes after they met because Nya Lee felt it was the perfect time to express that she thought Rich Dollaz was corny. Obviously, that relationship died before it began.

Jaquae says that Nya Lee has turned down a lot and gotten more focused since she became a mom, so he wants Rich to give her a chance. Rich agrees to think about it and then reveals that “he got this chick he has been working with” that’s a rapper, and he wants Jaquae to check her out.  We’re all thinking the same thing because we all know Rich makes Creep Squad moves. Jaquae asks what we all want to know, but according to Rich, it’s strictly business.

Later on, we find out that Rich’s new artist is Sydney Star. Jaquae is obviously surprised, but he does admit that she’s talented after she raps for him and it does actually seem like Rich might really be about his business. For real, for real this time.

Meanwhile, Jonathan gets together with Cyn, Kimbella, and Anais for a kiki. It starts off like a friends pow wow but then goes all the way left. First, Cyn dishes about her trip to Cabo with Joe. It was not as “sextacular” she wanted because Joe really just wanted to sleep. He’s still not understanding what she needs from him. Then we get to the hook of this meetup. Jonathan then tells Anais that she shouldn’t have ambushed Juju at his party. Then he tells Kimbella that he felt attacked by her because she brought Juju to the party in the first place, knowing dang well he didn’t invite her. You know Jonathan is extra so his delivery is intense and comes off as confrontational. Anais gets set off and starts yapping about how she was defending him (even though she really didn’t need to do that). Kimbella is over it too because Jonathan is still going on about how she called Juju secretive and none of this is productive. Anais and Kimbella both end up storming out. Overit dot com.

Remy Ma attempts to bring Juju and Yandy together to hash their drama out. They talk. Juju says it’s hypocritical for Yandy to call her secretive given her marriage papers situation. Yandy thinks this is two different things but Remy Ma chimes in as the objective voice and says they’ve both been secretive about things and need to get over it already. They ramble on about stuff until Remy cuts them short, declaring that “it’s cheeseburger o’clock” so they have to go. That’s pregnant woman speak for, “I’m hungry and I ain’t got time to be doing this all day.” They laugh about it but we still don’t really know whether Juju and yandy move forward on good terms or not. Probably not. You know they’re petty af.

Jaque actually got Rich Dollaz to show up for a Nya Lee performance. Nya still thinks Rich is messy but they attempt to hash out their differences maturely, and that’s when Sydney Star interrupts and all hell almost breaks loose. Nya Lee feels some type of way about Sydney Star existing, being a big personality, and generally posing a threat to her shine.  Nya Lee doesn’t bite her tongue so she says that Syndey better not think she’s going to steal her shine. They start going back and forth until Rich removes Syndey from the situation because he doesn’t want her arguing with Nya Lee, or anyone, really.

The episode wraps with Juelz Santana taking the plea deal. He’s probably going to do 18 months in jail, but he doesn’t have full closure on that situation yet because the judge ultimately has the final say. That’s pending. He and Kimbella end up arguing because Juelz said he was headed in the right direction before this but Kimbella feels like he still hasn’t taken full accountability of the fact that drugs led him here. Then he brings up how she’s not perfect because she cheated (you know, the ole apple plus banana equals orange trick). They start arguing about who did and didn’t do what or support who, and even pretend like they’re actually going to break up after all these years of lowered expectations. Kimbella even delivers a dramatic, “Let’s end this now” for good measure.

But we all know good and dang well that they’re getting married. They’ll probably get a wedding special out of the deal but we need more details about Juelz’s case first.


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