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As the stigma against mental illness shrinks and the public conversations about how to talk about mental health becomes more important, studies continue to reveal shocking new details about the crisis going on in America. A report came out earlier this week that claimed women in all age groups across the United States are more likely to suffer from serious mental health problems than their male counterparts. The study, conducted by the Center for Disease Control, showed more severity than expected across all fronts.

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Some key findings included:

  • In every age group, women were more likely to have serious psychological distress than men.
  • Among all adults, as income increased, the percentage with serious psychological distress decreased.
  • Adults aged 18–64 with serious psychological distress were more likely to be uninsured (30.4%) than adults without serious psychological distress (20.5%).
  • More than one-quarter of adults aged 65 and over with serious psychological distress (27.3%) had limitations in activities of daily living.
  • Adults with serious psychological distress were more likely to have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease, and diabetes than adults without serious psychological distress.


According to the researchers who conducted the study, there is no clear explanation as to why women’s mental health is worse off than men’s. In my opinion, I think we need to look at the kinds of pressure girls are put on from a young age in every facet of their lives and how that takes on another life when you’re a woman who is expected to “have it all.”

What do you think?


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