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Republicans have had quite the time keeping their limited, pin-headed opinions about rape to themselves. From “legitimate rape” to rape being a gift from God, the GOP seemingly has it all wrong when it comes to women being raped and the women of the Susan B. Anthony List are seeing to it that in the future, they’re a bit more educated about the emotional subject of rape.

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The SBA List is an organization of women who elect candidates and pursue policies to stop abortion. It’s being reported that these pro-lifers want to ”make sure that in future elections, a candidate can never with a straight face say, ‘I never thought about that or I got caught flat-footed.’”

These same Republican men who spewed unbelievable opinions on rape will be taught how to talk about rape in a way that isn’t completely bullheaded or, for lack of a better word, stupid.

I think Feministing says it best:

“As a legislator, the only concern you should have about sexual assault is what you can do, with your power, to end rape and the culture that allows it to happen. Anything short of that and you are part of the problem and sh*tty at your job.”

Preach! Do you think these politicians will 1) take the class, 2) learn anything and 3) apply what they learn? Let’s discuss on Twitter @HB_DaniYoung.

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