Organizer Venkayala Haynes talks about how she turned her trauma into the strength to advocate for others.

My empathy only extends to the ex-girlfriend the slain rapper allegedly beat, kidnapped and held captive while pregnant.

Johnthony Walker admitted to the police that he had sex with the minor five times.

The former tight end allegedly has multiple victims and is being charged with two counts of kidnapping with intent to rape, two counts of forcible rape, one count of forcible sodomy and burglary charges.

Duke Black Alumni created a space to discuss systematic sexual violence through this powerful documentary.

The disgraced media mogul also revealed he will be taking three lie detector tests to prove his innocence.

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Many women encounter sexual harassment at some point in their careers. Here's what you can do if you're terrified to report inappropriate behavior.

The LA bred rapper fiercely denied rumors that he was responsible for getting an underage girl pregnant.

Blogger and advocate Tarana Burke began #MeToo ten years ago to give women space to tell their stories.

The the 21-year-old college student says the system has failed her and she doesn't feel safe testifying against the celebrity rapper in open court.

The reality star got the boot after telling a heckler she hopes they get raped during a recent comedy show.