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On last night’s “Braxton Family Values”, Trina was getting ready to film her music video for her very first single, and recruited her two sisters Traci and Towanda to participate. As you know, Traci is a bit shy, so all eyes were on her this week. She flew in from Maryland to Atlanta to participate in her sister’s video. It also happened to be Traci’s birthday weekend, which was great for the sisters because they all got a chance to spend the weekend with her.

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Trina wanted to make her big video debut “popping” so she decided that there was nothing sexier than the image of a hot woman holding a cigar needed to be in her video. “For one thing, there’s nothing like a sexy, foxy lady with big ASS cigar in the club!” said Trina, and to some extent I hate to say I agree.

Since Towanda and Tamar were also in town, they decided that they were going to throw Traci a surprise birthday party, since she’s never had a big celebration. The girls met at Mama E’s house to plan the party and catch up on some gossip. After discussing party plans, the girls tackled another big issue: their mother’s poor eating habits. Mama E has diabetes, and the girls are worried about her health because she’s eating nothing but junk food instead of the healthy food that her doctor’s require her to eat. “That carborization demon isn’t good.” Leave it to Trina to come up with made-up words. Check out a video clip of the girls raiding Mama E’s refrigerator below!

Traci prepared for her performance by meeting up with the family vocal coach, Terrence. “I’m inspired by both Tamar and Trina doing their own projects.  If Tamar and Trina can do it, then Traci can do it as well.  I just need to make myself ready,” said Traci. Terrence made serious workouts for Trina to get her vocals ready to compete with some of the bigger names in the music industry today. For starters, he made her run a marathon in place while practicing her scales! I think it’s safe to say that Terrence is definitely a drill sergeant, but he’ll whip Traci’s butt right into shape for her performance! “He’s hard.  I wanted to punch him in the throat!” Traci said. Toughen up, Traci! No pain, no gain!

While Trina was preparing for her wardrobe changes she realized that her stylist, Reco, hasn’t finished putting the clothes together! Traci also had to get fitted for a costume for the music video, and because she’s a little thicker than the other girls, she was nervous that she woundn’t be able to fit anything. Not only were the costumes an issue for Traci, the dance moves are also a challenge, because as we all know-Traci isn’t very skilled in the rhythm department.

As planned, her sisters put on the perfect surprise birthday party for her, and the look on her face was priceless! When the birthday cake was brought out, Traci thought that a stripper was going to pop out of the cake and do a little birthday dance, but to her surprise, it was her husband, Kevin! “Wow! What a birthday cake! Do it again, baby! Do it again!” Traci told her husband! Not only was Traci’s husband flown in for the surprise, her son, Kevin Jr., was also in attendance! What a great surprise!

When the day finally came for Trina’s video shoot, Towanda didn’t t feel as though Trina was being accommodated like she should be. Of course Gabe was in the mix to show his support and be nosy, but, Trina was happy to have him there especially since nothing seems to be doing right. The girls’ didn’t like their costumes, Towanda’s outfit had been changed and there seemed to be a lot of missing items. “Don’t mess with me today, Rico!” the girls told their stylist. After a lot of confusion, worry and doubt, Trina’s video came out as a success! “Everything you do is right because this is about you.  It’s time to bring it.”  Victor told the girls, and Trina’s music video for “Party Or Go Home” is a masterpiece!

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