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1. Granola Bars – These are super healthy and kids love them. My daughter probably eats two a day.  Hint: Purchase the chocolate chip ones. Kids love chocolate and they won’t even know they’re eating healthy!

2. Baby Carrots – Carrots are rich in antioxidants and minerals. I get the little baby ones as they are easier for kids to eat.

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3. Cheerios – I don’t know one child that doesn’t like Cheerios. I like Cheerios the best in lieu of the other sugary cereals. They’re a great source of calcium and fiber.

4. Organic Fruity Chews – These are a great alternative to your traditional fruit rollups. Look for ones that have no sugar and all fruit.

5. Buddy Fruit – Thank goodness for the company that makes buddy fruits. My daughter can’t get enough of them. They basically are pureed fruit packets that you can get in different flavors. Great and easy way to pack in the Vitamin C.

6. Goldfish – It seems like goldfish has been around forever. I remember eating them as a kid. I just put a few in a plastic baggie, throw them in my purse and I’m ready for that “I’m hungry” request.

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