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It’s no surprise that as parents we like to enroll our children in as many activities as we can because we want them to be well rounded individuals. However, it just might be possible to over schedule our children. Must Read: 10 Essential Back To School Items Under $11 An article from Psychology Today speaks […]

Let’s give dads some credit. Moms are not the only ones who have to juggle their responsibilities.Dads also have to keep the balance. From the pressures to excel at their jobs to finding time to spend with their families. it’s no easy task being a parent. Dads might not have the same pressures as moms but […]

It’s hard to bridge the gap between being a mother/partner and a woman who also strives to be a business woman. All of these roles are very demanding by themselves but when combining them a new element arises. Balance. Must Read: 6-Year-Old Finds Missing Lego Piece In His Nose (VIDEO) My very first article I […]

I was recently watching an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Rasheeda and Kirk were having a discussion about her career and how he felt she has been too consumed with bettering her career as a rap artist and not putting enough attention on her marriage and family life. Must Read: Kim Kardashian […]

Car crashes are the number one killer of children 1 to 12 years old. Car safety is extremely important. When thinking about what car seat to purchase, when to transition to a booster seat and when to let your child sit in the front are all very important decisions to make as a parent. Must Read: […]

Since the recent tragic accident and death of Usher Raymond’s stepson Kile Glover who was declared brain dead after he was struck by a jet ski while inner tubing, I decided that I wanted to look into water sport safety. I think as parents we are always prepared when it comes to taking the kids to the […]

My husband and I have been thinking about having another child for awhile. This is a very difficult decision to make. I begin to think about finances, work-life, living situation and a three-year-old and I wonder if we are ready to bring another life into this world? Do we have enough money? Are we stable […]

I can’t even imagine what Tameka Foster and her family must be going through right now. She recently had to take her 11 year old son, Kile Glover off life support and lay him to rest after he was struck by a jet-ski while lounging in an inner tube. The doctors told her that he […]

It is important that we talk to our children about how to be safe. Children everyday go missing, assaulted or abused. Prevention is the only way to keep them safe. I realize this more and more as my daughter gets older. Strangers always approach her to tell her how cute she is and they always try to […]

What is truly going on in this world today?! I was shocked to hear the news about the recent theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. To think that one of America’s favorite past times isn’t safe anymore is scary!!! Must Read: Richmond Bares Its Soul During 3rd Annual Jazz Festival After this incident, of course my […]

As I was gazing at my daughter while she was playing, I couldn’t help but watch the years pass by and be amazed at just how quickly it happen. I am just so amazed how fast she is growing up. She is independent and she is such a little lady. As I continued my gaze, […]

It’s disheartening to hear all the news surrounding the Jackson family and their feud over Micheal Jackson’s will. It is even more disheartening to read the recent tweets from his daughter, Paris Jackson. My motherly instincts want to reach out to Paris. Must Read: 10-Year-Old Boy Claims He Found A Lizard In A Loaf Of Bread (VIDEO) On Tuesday, […]