1. It’s “Mean Girls” Appreciation Day!

Today is Mean Girls Appreciation Day thanks to that great line by Lindsay Lohan: “It’s October 3.” There are countless life problems “Mean Girls” movie lines have solved (“…because she can’t sit with us.”) we pay homage to the 10-year-old film by looking back over some of our favorites.

2. OMG!!

Too bad, Gretchen Wieners never really made this word happen.

3. Every Answer To Every Argument

Know your place.

4. To Get In The Circle…

…Know the dress code.

5. It’s Just Facts…

…Don’t take it personal.

6. If You’re Not Busy…

…do this to occupy your time.

7. For The Intellectual…

…This is for you.

8. Wait, Is This My Nickname?

Um. Okay.

9. Don’t Stop What You Do…

…’Cause the haters gon’ hate.

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