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Brittney Griner has lived through what most have only seen or heard of in movies. 

The WNBA basketball star was arrested in February 2022 in Russia on a cannabis charge. The US government deemed her “wrongfully detained,” highlighting tensions with the country.

After public support (#WeAreBG) and government action, Brittney was released in December 2022. Now, she’s ready to share her experiences and tell her story.

Brittney sat down with ABC’s Robin Roberts on May 1 during a primetime special, 20/20: Prisoner of Russia. The conversation comes amid her return to basketball and her new memoir, Coming Home, to be released on May 7.

HB also reported Brittney is expecting a baby with her college sweetheart and wife, Cherelle Griner, on April 13.

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Britney Griner says she cut her locs to survive in prison.

Britney is candid and emotional during the ABC interview. At times, she answers questions through tears. The news special also shows original footage of Brittney in a prison work camp making uniforms and features views from the inside for the first time.

The 33-year-old discusses the moment she was arrested and her internal turmoil. “In the midst of them going through my bag, there are two cartridges,” she recalls. “And I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, how did I make this mistake? How was I this absent-minded?”

She continues, “I could just visualize everything I worked so hard for just crumbling and going away.”

Brittney also describes the conditions of the international prisons and the reasons why she decided to cut her locs. Amid spiders, freezing temperatures, and deplorable buildings, she says she cut them to survive.

Robin also explores Brittney’s feelings of regret and guilt for the incident in the interview. To those questions, Brittney admits, “I don’t think I’ve really gotten through it all the way. To this day, it’s my fault, and I let everybody down.”

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Brittney Griner lives through her vulnerability – now she tells her story.

Britney provides even more detail about the 10-month detainment in her new project, Coming Home. However, according to the book’s description, the memoir is not just a record of the athlete’s “journey from captivity. 

Brittney also shares how her “deep love for Cherelle anchored her during their greatest storm; how her family’s support pulled her back from the brink; and how hundreds of letters from friends and neighbors lent her resolve to keep fighting.” 



Brittney Griner Thanks Fans And President Biden For Getting Her Out Of Prison

Brittney Griner Released From Russian Prison With Noticeably Cut Locs

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