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Maui x Lolita NYFW runway show

Source: Laurianne Ogay

Maui X Lolita is a sustainable clothing brand founded by mother-daughter duo Lolita and Maui. The brand, known for its bold designs, velour, and grommets, aims to empower women to express themselves through fashion. Made in small batches in New York City, their clothing is comfortable, flattering, and high-quality. Celebrated by celebrities and featured in magazines like Vogue and Rolling Stone, MxL continues to grow and inspire.

The vision — bring boldness and individuality to all walks of life, including women and people worldwide. The mission — provide sexy, functional, and fly fashion that feels like the most authentic expression of oneself.

This New York Fashion Week, they delivered another collection rooted in the powerful dynamics of the modern woman. We chatted with the dynamic duo to learn more about this rebellious collection, what sets them apart from the rest, and why promoting diversity and representation in the fashion world matters most.

HelloBeautiful: Can you share more about the inspiration behind the “A Modern Rebellion” collection for Fall/Winter ’24?


Source: Laurianne Ogay

Maui: For this collection, we were heavily inspired by my experience in Finance and the overall business world. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Finance, and while I was in school, I found myself looking into the ‘corporate baddie’ aesthetics we see online and in real life. As nice as some outfits were, the overall looks were old school in a sense, very safe and traditional. We’ve always considered the working woman or person as the type of individual we’d like to design for.

HelloBeautiful: How does Maui X Lolita challenge traditional fashion norms, especially in the context of office-wear chic?

Maui: Lolita and I wanted to take those typical corporate looks and turn them into something that challenged the workplace. Outfits that adhere to dress codes but push the boundaries of how fly you could be on the clock. Our slogan, ‘For Fly Girls Only,’ means our brand is for those who want to stand out in the crowd, not blend in. This collection challenges those traditional fashion norms by taking corporate fashion and turning it on its head, hence its name, “Modern Rebellion.” 

MxL NYFW runway show

Source: Laurianne Ogay

HelloBeautiful: MxL aims to break the status quo of 95% of Black-owned businesses closing within the first 3.5 years. How has MxL navigated and overcome challenges to achieve this level of success?

MxL: Having a successful business requires a strong intention to learn as fast as possible, which can often translate to failing as fast as possible. To make it past the statistics, you need to make mistakes first in order to learn and grow from them. This company has gone through many changes in our few short years of operation, but we stand strong in our early place in the industry because of our work ethic, working chemistry, creativity, and, most importantly, resilience.

HelloBeautiful: Could you elaborate on the evolution of MxL from its origin with velour tracksuits to its current status as a luxury womenswear brand?

Maui x Lolita NYFW runway show

Source: Laurianne Ogay

MxL: We’ve always known we wanted the brand to become a major fashion house. Tracksuits are where we have our roots, and we will continue to make those. However, it was only a matter of time before we had the audience to create dresses, coats, and the elaborate pieces you see in our most recent FW24 show. 

HelloBeautifulThe collection features contradictory fabrics and gender-bending cuts. How do these design elements contribute to the brand’s identity and message?

Our brand was created for the Modern Fly Girl. These women are always evolving and never content with staying in the same place style-wise, so it’s only fitting that we move with them, or they with us. Gender-bending cuts are commonplace within the MxL style and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

HelloBeautiful: With the introduction of accessories like ethically sourced Moroccan leather handbags and fragrances, how does MxL plan to expand its offerings while staying true to its rebellious aesthetic? 

MxL: We create items that we need or use in our everyday lives. If we feel there’s a style or aesthetic missing, we will create it. If there’s a product we need but do not like what’s on the market, we will create a better version of it.

MXL NYFW runway show

Source: Laurianne Ogay

HelloBeautiful: How does being named one of Wonderland Magazine’s favorite “Emerging Designers of SS’24” influence MxL’s approach to the fashion industry?

MxL: That title encourages us to keep doing what we’re doing. Remaining true to the brand’s core of bold fashion while continuously being innovative has gotten us this far. We hope that as time goes on, we can influence the industry in a positive light. 

HelloBeautiful: With February being Black History Month, how does MxL’s story highlight the beauty of Black families working together and address the barriers faced by Black designers in the fashion industry?

Lolita: Each generation is supposed to be better than the last. We are just trying to live for our ancestors who paved the way for us to be here and didn’t get to live their own dreams. We come from a long line of incredible black women, some of whom are still alive, and we use that as the pillar on which we stand. Maui is my first (only) daughter, I am my mother’s first daughter, my mother is her mother’s first daughter, my grandmother is her mother’s first daughter, and we are extremely blessed to have known or met all our grandparents and great grandparents, upon whose shoulders we stand.

HelloBeautiful: In what ways does MxL contribute to promoting diversity and representation within the fashion world?

Lolita: As two Black women, Maui and I have made it important to surround ourselves with others like us. Our PR team is run by a Black woman, the lawyer we work with is a Black woman, our main photographer is Korean, and so on. We have also employed interns from FIT and have put focus on helping young designers get their start while in school. After doing my speech at BSU, we intend to develop a relationship with their fashion department moving forward, as well as extend our reach to fashion students all over. It’s all about paying it forward for us at MxL, and we make sure to be the change we want to see in the fashion industry. 

HelloBeautiful: How does MxL plan to make a lasting impression during New York Fashion Week, especially considering the significance of Black History Month?

MxL: By being ourselves. Our designs, creativity, and straight-up hunger for success have reflected positively on us, and the general response to our FW24 show tells us that people see and love our work. 

HelloBeautiful: Looking ahead, what are Lolita and Maui’s aspirations for the future of MxL, both in terms of design and its impact on the fashion industry?

MxL: Larger shows, more complex designs, and more theatrics. In a few years, we hope to see a fashion industry where we’re both major players, and people are dressing more for themselves. Fashion should be a reflection of your personality, not a reflection of an opinion based on what’s in and out. 

HelloBeautiful: How does the brand plan to continue pushing boundaries and challenging norms in the coming seasons?

MxL: We always top what we did last. This year has been no exception. So, I guess you’ll just have to see what we come up with next! 


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